Technical Newbie here Hi. Stilo 1.8 16v electrical problems.

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Technical Newbie here Hi. Stilo 1.8 16v electrical problems.


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Jul 4, 2017
Hello Chaps, first post. Recently moved to Germany after 2 years in Brazil. Been looking for a car a while here with not much joy. Then I saw a 2004 1.8 16v stilo with 42,000 miles and (their equivelant) MOT for over a year. Green badges etc.
The car looks brand new inside but the old fella has properly fudged the gear box. Won't go into third and grinds pops out imediately. The car was only 990 euros. Thought it was a pretty good deal.
I have no problems driving it, infact it's one of the nicest cars I have driven. I just go from 2nd gear to 4th with no problems.

The thing is I'm getting a lot of warning messages and beeps while I drive. Every time I brake it says rear right indict bulb blown but it isn't, also sometimes says rear break like isn't working, it does.
It repeatedly says ASR and ESP failure stop engine. When I disable ASR it comes back after a minute and gives the error again.i don't mind driving with no traction control just the beeping is doing my nut;)
I have no engine lights when driving just the circular arrow with triangle and exclamation mark which I believe is ASR related? Any one had these problems? Is it a big problem? Italian wiring?
Whats the best place to look for a new gearbox? Are they interchangeble with other models??....

Thanks in advance, James
The airbag error also flashes the baby seat sign. Could this be the cause? How do you turn it off?
Random electrical problems. Check battery clamps. Clean and make sure they clamp securely.

When I got my car 89 errors. Cured 90% with a new $5 battery clamp. The rest with a new battery.

Clean contacts on fuses and relays.

Make sure the battery is in good order. Replace with good quality one if necessary.

The voltage can be monitored with multiecuscan and cable. A good investment.