Technical New Radiator Recommendations

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Technical New Radiator Recommendations

There will not be many to choose from.

Valeo is probably OE, so a good replacement.
Many of the large names will share products, so soome of Valeo's range will be Marelli, as some of Marelli's will be Valeo, etc. So any big name will be good quality.
The largest aftermarket manufacturer is Nissens. (Nothing to do with Nissan). All good quality and a trustworthy company.

When I need a rad, it will be either Valeo or Nissens.
Hi all.

We're struggling to find a new radiator for a Coupe 20VT at the moment.
Ideally we want Valeo, but failing that, another good quality manufacturer.

Does anyone have any recommendations, or manufacturers' to avoid?!

Many thanks.

Valeo radiators are becoming hard to source, they occasionally pop up on the eBay sites in and around Europe, suggest create a search alert in eBay for Europe wide and when one pops up in a listing alert to your email, seize the opportunity. Expect to pay £100 - £140.
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