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General New member need some help


Dec 4, 2022
Hello I’m a new to forum retired now and doing a engine rebuild on a 903 which started off with just needing a clutch and sump leak anyways lots more needs replacement to be right I am struggling to obtain a fly wheel as mine is badly cracked can any one help thanks Chris all the fiat guys I knew have got too old for this lark


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what makes yopu think its cracked ?
Beter quality photos would be required to estatblish that.
Looks like cast iron imperfection ...
what makes yopu think its cracked ?
Beter quality photos would be required to estatblish that.
Looks like cast iron imperfection ...
Have added yes it’s right through on friction surface not just a heat crack ,the clutch is completely blued and scored by excessive slipping, if was a few thou it could have been skimmed, hopefully one will turn up


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Thanks for your help, this has me wondering with the matching costs etc is it possible for a later engine mine is a early panda ribbed doors
Not having a lot of luck would this fit


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well yes and no. physically the engine will fit. however you will have to make new engine mounting points. also the gearbox would need to be changed.

with the mk1 panda never having the FIRE engine fit to it, it sadly never came with the bolt holes to fit the FIRE line of engines in.
its doable if you can weld however. also remember that the gearbox would also have to come from a FIRE engine.
also is worth noting that the drive shafts are not as long as say a Punto or other wider Fiat.

i have with great success engine swapped a mk2 4x4 panda from the original carbed 999cc fire to the multi point injection 1242cc fire as its an absolute drop in replacement only requiring slight electrical work and a in line fuel pump adding.

sadly i am not fully in the know with pushrod engines. i have had a Seat Marbella with the 903cc engine and it was very nice. i know its pretty much identical to the 899cc engine which for you would be a direct swap with a bit of wiring work and again a in line fuel pump.
no messing with gearboxes as the engine will just bolt strait up.

Kolza i think would be more help than me on the 903cc push rod engine types... maybe?
Thanks that’s very useful info I have opportunity to buy sx engine complete obviously I have the old stool dizzy and carb so maybe put my head on as it’s all done new valves skim and ready just the spark issue
Thanks for all your help never considered the 899 as stuck in the old scene but it’s coming along nicely with my 850 sport head and dizzy to rid all the electronics


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