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Technical New Exhaust - ideas welcome


Va Va Vroom
May 17, 2005
Hi I fancied a change as done no mods to my cars for ages. Fancied a new exhaust/backbox. Only problem is I have a lack of money, maybe £60 can it be done?

Should be able to get someone to fit it for free, but not sure what to buy?

Will one of the generic ones fit?

I want something that looks quite factory, not too big, buts sounds good.

I want it to come out the gap in the sporting bumper where the standard exhaust comes out.

Will take of when part exchanging in the summer so dont want to spend too much anyway.
had a look on ebay and can find Cinq exhaust for £108

would this fit my seicento?


Does anyone have any cheaper alternatives?
Sportex are usually a centre exit plus they are VERY LOUD!!!! so might not be what you are looking for.

see if you can find a second hand Supersprint they are stainless so will have a good deal of life in it
They're easy to fit, it's getting the old one off that can be the pain :(... I duno what garages are around your way but I paid 35£ for a SS exhaust to be installed on the punto from a local independent garage.

As for the SS in classifieds, as custard said, haggle. The cheapest place I've seen that SS is 126£ + P&P which is why he's asking 120£ ;)
The SS uses the same pipe dia as the Cinqucento iirc and a spacer piece for the marginally smaller Sei pipe. As for the tip on the SS, its as big as the bumper cut away can take.

One thing of note, the SS isn't a direct fit on the Sei, some cutting of the existing exhaust is needed but it's just a case of cutting the existing exhaust down with a hack saw or simlar.
sorry I meant what size is the tail pipe that comes through the bumper ? and the largest that will fit through that gap?
You won't be getting any larger tip than the SS in the cut out unless you start cutting the bumper ;)
Actually the SS is 80mm, slightly larger than 3", but you can only see it when parked up next to a car with a 3" trim.
just heard the ss on youtube, probably looking for a bit more of a rumble. Sounded similar to my car after fitting my induction kit, look for more rumble at idle
So looking for an exhaust that comes out of the gap in the sporting bumper, with rumble?
Had a look at sportex but they dont look like they will fit through the gap?
Any suggestions?