General Never keep paint in tthe boot of your car

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General Never keep paint in tthe boot of your car


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Mar 15, 2007
Put 3 x 10 ltr tubs of white emulsion in my boot the night before last. Drove home and then drove to my mums yesterday to wash the car. Opened the boot and one of the tubs was on its side, with 10 ltrs of white emulsion in the boot.

Everything in the boot was ruined. I have manged to save the boot carpet and boot lining (that covers teh rear qtr panels) by soaking them with water, scooped up all the emulsion from the spare wheel well with a sponge and water.

Some paint had managed to run under the rear seats scopped up most of this apart from in the corners where my fingers couldn't reach, hopefully this will dry and cause no further problems.

However there is some paint on the rear seats that I cany get off.

I am taking the car to the garage today to get the seats removed from the car so that I can cover them in water/chemicals to get the marks out.

Can't thank my mum enough for her help yesterday . All I wanted to do was cry, but three and half hours later it didn't look to bad
oohh nasty,must admit i usually put paint and a carrier bag and tie it for transport.least if it goes/leaks the bulk is in the bag
Nasty. But its a common thing to happen.
Remember when I was doing valeting we used to get cars in all the time where the boot carpet looked funny. Once you took it out you saw why, spare wheel well full of dried paint where they had cleaned as much as they could but forgot about the spare wheel well and it had pooled and dried.
I would remove all affected interior and trimwork carpet, and get them hot jet washed (steamed cleaned) it will remove any emulsion easy!! OOPS!!!! Ant!
I'm always paranoid when transporting pretty much any liquids in the car. Be it paint, milk, full baby nappies :yuck:

Does the GP have hooks in the boot for using tie-downs? Best £10 I ever spent at halfords. Get a bungee net and it holds pretty much anything inplace.
OOOOO dam that sucks!

Reminds me of a time when i had my clio i had blue wax in the back and it slid around and just split open all over evreywere! not only did it get all over the spair wheel and the boot carpet it got on my new suit blazer!!!! and cost £30 to get it cleaned off

Oh dear.. that sucks :yuck:

On a similar note, if you put 10 bags of groceries in the boot, make sure you take 10 bags of groceries out when you get home. Otherwise your lovely GP will be making friends with cockroaches and rats very soon...
I'd leave it...............& get matching wallpaper & curtains:devil:

Sorry couldn't help it;) It'll be ok as mentioned its emulsion;)

Kev.....I got wood lice in my car,I thnk they are feeding of the unfinished rolls in passenger footwell:)
I got some 10mm thick rubber flooring from a company that makes horse boxs managed to scrounge an off cut out of their skip drew round the boot mat cut it out should make any clean up less painful