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General Need to siphon my engine


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Jan 5, 2006
I have a 95 Tempra 1.9 Diesel
I very stupidly filled it from empty to full with unleaded and then proceeded to drive it for about 4 minutes till it died. I have managed to siphon as much petrol out of the tank as poss, and i have a new fuel filter ready to be fitted. I also have about 20quids worth of diesel ready to put in.
However, someone has told me to release the injectors and run the engine so that diesel starts to come through.
Not being a mechanic, where are the injectors? What am i looking for? Cant really afford to pay someone to do it, so need to give it a go myself.
don't worry on your engine it wont couse that much harm.

If you empty the tank,filled it up with diesel and chnged the fuel filter for a new one, it should just run.
It could take a while, but it will start, so maybe you need an extra batt, becuase it can take up to a few minutes of starting, before it will run.

So no need to bleed the injectors, because then you will have air in them and to get that out takes the same amount of time then getting the petrol out.

Oohh when you fit the new diesel filter, do fill that up with diesel right to the top before you fit it on.
That will help alot.
It's smart to always do that when you change the diesel filter, but that is besides the point here.
dont worry to much we had a peogot 405 at work 3 times someone filled that up with petrol ,and a renult van that had petrol twice not by me but i got the job of draining it all .in the old days lorry drivers used to put a gallon of petrol in there tank to stop it freezing,i know one old geezer puts a gallon in sayes it cleans out his ingectors,dono if it works but hes had the same car the past 5 years and its never failed on emisions or broken down.the boys gave you all the things i would do filter etc.good luck(y)