General Nearly got driven into yesterday!

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General Nearly got driven into yesterday!

Jan 24, 2004
New Milton, United Kingdo
Was coming home from work in the Panda, when suddenly a car pulled out of a side road, I braked hard and lucky for me so did the other car when the driver saw me.... it was only another Panda too! A black one, and there was me the other day saying Ive never seen a local black Panda! The passenger wa a young lady who saw the funny side of it and so did I. It had a roofrack like the sisley ones do. That would have been mad if two Pandas collided!
About 2 years ago two identical VW Polo mk2s crashed locally, it was in the paper as it was quite a hard impact. The photo looked hilarious with two old Polos in bits everywhere. In December, a mate of mine rode his Vespa into the back of my Vespa... the insurers were amused. His Vespa was written off as he came off badly but mine wasnt too bad and will be repaired soon. So when I saw the Panda heading for me I thought, here we go again!