my new JL audio setup

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my new JL audio setup


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Jun 11, 2009
Hey guys

BIG Thanks to all the guys who gave me advice on what i was going to get before i realised it was a big mistake! Went down to a car audio retailer down the road from me and they have really sorted me out! :)

Listened to the managers car there and he had a JL audio 10" 10W0v2., 6.5s in the front (ZR650 CSI but with the silk tweeter?) with a good headunit and a JL AUDIO 300/4 V2 AMPLIFIER powering the components and bridged for the sub with a custom box and sound deadening in the boot and doors. I was so impressed i have to say, sounded so clear and amazing.

So for my basket for you all to see i have already payed 750 for it up front and pay the rest when i turn up on the day to get it fitted.


Sub(they are doing custom box for it):

6.5s for the front(with the silk tweeters):

Amp for 6.5s and other 2 ports bridged for sub:

Sound deadened in the boot and doors. (dynamat)

He had it turned more for SQ but the base was still strong. I'm basically going for the same thing but just a little more bass so i can hit hard on my beloved DnB CD's. Being fitted 26th so i will show you some pics and opinions when it's in! Costing £1200 all together inc fitting which when looking at the prices of the hardware seems good. What does everyone think? :)

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I would say get a different set of components you wont get a great deal more volume out of that set up as nice as it is.
That sub should be given an absolute minimum of 500w and as well as its made and installed 150w is going to be problematic IMO.
If it were me i would be getting a 2 channel amp and a mono.
Im sure that it will sound great SQ wise but its never going to boom.
Yeh i get what you mean but to be honest it only goes 250 contious anyways and 500 peak. Also with the box, sound deadening and stuff it will be just like the guys i saw today and that sub was very audible :D

plus i wouldn't be able to afford a mono and a 2 channel :(

Unless i replaced those 6.5s with these:

Then i could get this amp for the sub:

and this for the 6.5s amp:

What you think :)
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yeh thats sounds like a good idea mate :)

Because like the guy said its about the sound deadening, box, wiring etc too and with only having a small 3 door 2001 corsa he said its gonna be very loud for my car anyways.
What paul said is a very good idea. I am just worried that you are spending a lot of money on something that will not satisfy your needs.
Have you heard a loud system.
The 4 channel going Active on the components is a very smart move but with the sound deadening that is well over £1000 just for the front end.
Then the sub really isnt all that loud for somebody who has "Wannabe Bass head" in there Avatar.
If its what you want then its all top quality gear i just hope you have plenty of money.
what do you mean by active? never heard that term before.

For my small car it will be fine. then in the future i will just get a 500/1 if i need a bit more juice :)
Active means to not use the passive x-over that comes with the Components normally allowing a more suitable distribution of power and more control over the frequency sent to each speaker.
oh cool. im seriously thinkng about getting the slightly less expensive set of JL audio 6.5s and then being able to get the 2 channel and the mono amp. Because punto matt has those slightly less expensive ones and he says there really good and that way i have an amp just for the speakers and a amp just for the sub (which will be getting 500 then not 150!)

what to doo what to dooo :(
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Are there not a set of components inbetween the two lol. I would stick with the 4 channel amp as that will give you more scope for future changes.
Then use the 4 channel for the time being and then put the money saved on the comps towards geting the Mono amp.
£1200 :eek: Does that include the box deadening and installation if so these dealers must be seriously desperate for sales.
whats wrong with those comps that i could down grade too?

1200 ye, my mate knows the manager :):):)
no mate its deffo those comps with the slightly diff tweeter.

I listened to the same setup with a 10" JL sub and the speakers sounded great matt :eek:.

Then in the future i can just grab a 500/1 if i need a bit more booooom - come on msn :)
Your getting alot of kit for the price inc installation even if your mate knows the bloke that runs it. When i got my sub, amp and headunit installed i ended up getting it done at cost price because they screwed it up and it still came in at £550.
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welll i basically got on really well with the guy anyways and he knows a guy who works for JL audio so he's like deals pls :D

yeh is gonna be pretty sweet getting it fitted on the 26th matty baby
meh :p

matt is coming round when i've had it fitted so i will let him rate my system :D Going to probaly splash out on more sound deadening and a 500/1 amp in a few months when i have done a few other things to my car first :p
Let me know when you want some proper deadening and i will pass on the details (y)
I think that you made the right choice going for the mid priced comps (y)