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General My Mk1 Punto


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Apr 23, 2017
Hi guys,

Well i am finally the owner of Mk 1 sporting obviously in broom yellow. I have been looking for one for some time and managed to get my hands on a 44k mile original example a couple of weeks ago, thanks to ebay.

It became more of a needed purchase after visiting a local italian car show. It was full of Lamborghini and Ferrari cars, but at the same event stood a white Mk1 GT turbo. Wow, every one flocked round the car and paid little attention to the other cars, 20 times its value. It took me straight back to the late 90s and my love for a car that at the time was probably no more than £9k brand new, but one i couldn't afford.

Since my ownership, the car has a few issues, only to be expected. Nothing major, on first inspection the underside seems to be totally solid which i jumped through hoops at. One thing that was a fault was that the blower motor that only worked on speed 4, i was told it was just the resistor and went on to order a new one. Once fitted the heater worked fine, although a smell of burning at first through the vents. I put it down to the car being old and probably been stood with dust gathering on the motor perhaps. However a week on and once again the blower motor only works on speed number 4. Further investigation now needed, any advice on this would be greatly appreciated. Only real other issue is braking, the car seems to only brake on the front right as the car lurks to the right under breaking and also lunges forward giving the impression the rear brakes are inoperative. New brakes have been ordered and i have been told worn or sticky caliper could be the issue or even brake master/slave cylinder. Either way i will sort as i suppose it's quite important.

Lastly, the car is going in for some paint, just to make it look the part but also i'm thinking of some little modifications. I don't want over kill as the car is totally standard and that's the appeal. I am thinking that maybe a set of coil overs, just because the handling is a bit drab and some of the shockers are leaking and coil springs are a little rusty. What if anyone knows should i be looking at? what are the best coil overs for this model? Only other mod would be some wheel spacers as wheels sit too deep in my opinion. Again any advice would be a real help, i am new to this type of car and need trusted advice on any current and future issues.

Thanks for everyone taking the time to read this far, I absolutely love this car and plan to keep it for many years. Having been fortunate enough to wn and drive some amazing cars over the years, why do i love a sub £2k Fiat Punto more than any others? Answers on a post card. Have a great weekend.

Hi Andy , welcome to the forum 👍🏻
I think it was my punto GT you saw at the show . It sounds like a good one you have got there and is going to be looked after, no rot on the floor is a real bonus.
I would have said it was the resistor with the blower not working but if it’s reoccurring it my be something else, there’s some knowledgeable guys on here that might help.
I’d say keeping it standard looking is the way to go , I get what you say the rear wheels do sit in quite a bit and standard height springs can look a bit high , , you might be ok with just new shocks and springs to improve the ride 👍🏻
I did see the punto yesterday passed by us , hopefully get to see it later close up.
Yes it could be the fan motor. Gonna strip down next week and take a look. It appears to be an easy part to get to. If the Dan looks worn or seized I will replace it before ordering another resistor. Thanks for advice.
Suspension wise, the ap coilovers are manafactured under license of kw and conform to some standards unlike the chinese made ta technix stuff, i would opt for those if the budget alows, i suspect fan motor bearings are tight and causing the resistor to blow, double check you have the right rated fuse fitted as this should be blowing prior than burning out the resistors