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Bravo My Bravo T-Jet Sport 150


So I'm yet to make any mods, but got a couple of subtle ones in mind.

Here's my lovely Bravo, all the mod cons thrown in, including dual climate control, full leather interior, 18" alloys, panoramic roof, etc etc

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It's got Chinese tyres on that I'll be upgrading first, and the dual climate control blows cold on the passenger side, but once I've fixed those ill be looking at a remap and then potentially new induction/exhaust kit (with another remap) in the summer.

But for now, I'm in love with it!
hey mate nice car got the same one, about the dual climate control that blows cold on passngers side did you manage to find what's wrong with it or any solution? I have the same problem can't figure it out. also how much gains you looking from remap and induction kit?
Cheers! Not found the fix for the climate control yet, but I can hear a "bzzz-click, bzzz-click..." Coming from the passenger side (glovebox?) so I'm fairly sure it's the mixture flap or motor/actuator there. From what I can gather, it's gonna be several hundred quid to get done because it's so fiddly :/

As for the remap, tbh I'll quit at 180hp as anything over that will need a better camshaft/exhaust/manifold/heat-shield etc... Although who knows what the future will bring :)
yhh mate I get the same noise!I've been told I had to take it to an electrician and i don't think it would be that much but I'm getting it checked within the week will keep you updated. for remap I've been told I can get it to 185 bhp then will get induction kit.
Ah wicked yeah defo let me know the outcome! You on the "Bravo Enthusiasts" Facebook group? You doing a remap and then induction? Might be better to do it the other way round? Tbh 185 or even 190 should be ok on the stock engine, I just rather play it safe for a while… Still loving it all stock for now! :D
no I'm not I'll check it out. well both at the same time I guess but my car is abit high milage so might have to be careful I don't wanna push it too much.
read this I posted. I had the exact same Thing. Including the whurr-pop noise

Holy **** man thats a lot of money! Luckily it works fine on the drivers side, and all three directions can be selected so de-misting etc is acceptable(ish) for now. I've got other more important stuff to sort first (upgrade tyres and change belts and pump etc) over the next couple months, but then I'm gonna take it to my usual guy and get him to take a look and see whats up. I'm hoping it's a Mixture Flap stuck or something, but we'll see :/