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My Birthday

Dec 14, 2005
Ever feel that somehow you have been let down,
today was one of them days :(

Last night me and my family went to the casino where we had a lovely meal to celebrate my birthday a day early as i planned to be out tonight with all my mates.

Today comes i wake up to find birthday cards which made me smile (even though it reminds me im yet a year older)
i also got my Lynx clicker through the post which i sent off for like three weeks ago so lets see how many clicks i get in the next week (not even double figures i dont think :D )

as the day progresses i send txts to make sure everyone is coming out as they have known for ages its my birthday as they all kept asking where we off? so the plan was to go to town. gets to 5pm and things aint looking great as nearly all of them had other plans some acceptable others not so acceptable i.e. oh im getting my hair cut and coloured so cant make it (thats from a lad :mad: ) so i gave up hope.

I took a walk to my local pizza shop :rolleyes: as my car is at the bodyshop getting ready for sunday :)

Outside im greeted by two mates who i normally see at the pub but they were waiting for their pizza and asked what im up to told em it was my birthday they asked if i was out. i told them nope cos no one else is and they said they would buy me a pint to cheer me up.

So here i am on a friday night on my birthday pouring my heart out :D

could be worse, you could be...

happy birthday, at least a thousand more people will be reading it's your birthday, that what cheggers is doing!
Trancendental said:
Don't worry bro, been there done that, minor things just get on with it and use it against them when questioned or rather when they moan at you for something similar :p

That sounds right thing to do(y) cheers