Technical My 98 punto 60 won't start any tips?

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Technical My 98 punto 60 won't start any tips?


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Jan 26, 2006

I have a 98 punto 60 and it's great. The only problem is that some of the time the damn thing won't start. I've tried loads of solutions from changing the starter, changing numerous amounts of batteries to tightening the Fan belt. If I change the battery today it will start perfect for a while then it's just like the battery has died. The other day it started fine, I drove to college and when I went to start it again it just turned once and that was it. The only thing I could see was that I left the indicator switch in the on position. I'm always very careful to switch all electrics off as this usually helps the problem but I didn't think this would have any effect on it. As I have said I have tried alot of possible solutions.
1. replaced the starter.
2. replaced the battery.
3. tightened the fan belt and checked to see if the battery was getting a charge.
4. checked for loose connections on the battery.

All of these seem to have no effect. I don't know what else to do. Funny thing about it is that it will start with the smallest push.

Is there anyone out there who has encountered the same problem and successfully got through it, or can anyone suggest any courses of action.

Please help.

hi there,get a multi meter(can be got for a few pounds)
now with the engine running check the voltage with no electrics running should be about 12.5V IIRC
now turn on loads of electrical things and check it again,should be putting out a higher voltage now
also with the engine and all electrics off check the battery voltage.this should remain constant but if something is draining power you will see the volts changing(remeber to shut the doors so the courtesy light is off)
also, engine off. disconnect the battery negative lead and wire in a multimeter in Amp / current mode. See how much current is being drain. It does sound like a power drain on something, ICE not switching off, alarm fault, summit like that.
Get a free battery/charging check at your local quickfit or similar.

Sometimes the rectifiers can go in the alternator giving a low charge and also allowing the battery to drain.
It may be worth checking all your main engine earthing points(well all in the bonnet area) as this can in some instances cause it to look like a duff battery/alternator.