MX Alfa ?

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MX Alfa ?

Fiat taking over the automotive world, they did a similar thing with Chrysler and when it all went wrong for Chrysler they ended up essentially controlling the company with a huge share holding for no financial outlay. Would be interesting to see what fiat develop for Mazda.
Sounds to me more like the GM crossover with the Grande and Corsa - same platform, but different cars and different engines. That said, 2015 Barchetta plzkthx
2015 Barchetta plzkthx

You remember that "Fiat 500somethingorother" thread...

Wonder if there could be any truth behind that blog you posted..

And isnt call 500(something)

A new Barchetta would be nice :yum: and with it been based on the MX-5, which is the best in its class, Fiat could be onto a winner.

Mazda's and Fiat's engine technology is some of the best around. They could do well for each other
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It would but Mazda won't have a mid engined MX5. Against their design philosophy for it.

But then again, the Barchetta was FWD and Front Engined and was one of the best handling cars of its class.. The MX5 is Front Engined, but RWD and is one of the best.

As TopGear proved (kind of) in Israel when they tested the MX5, Barchetta and Z4 (y)

If there teaming up, maybe it could be time for a RWD Barchetta..

Or maybe, seen as the report says it will be the Alfa Romeo branch of Fiat that will get the deal, it could be the arrival of the long awaited, ABARTH COupe/Convertible Thingy...
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It's worth pointing out that Mazda is already a joint venture with the Ford Motor company which fiat already worked with on the fiat 500 / ford KA platform, clearly ford were impressed enough with this arrangement to seek further intervention
On November 18, 2010, Ford reduced its stake further to 3%, citing the reduction of ownership would allow greater flexibility to pursue growth in emerging markets. Ford and Mazda remain strategic partners through joint ventures and exchanges of technological information

If ford do only own 3%. then Mazda's partnership with Fiat has nothing to do with Ford. Its all upto Mazda what they do.

Ford would need more of a majority controlling stake to make decisions like that i guess
Fiat chief executive Sergio Marchionne said working with Mazda would deliver "an exciting and stylish roadster in the Alfa Romeo tradition".

Right, so it will spend more time in the garage than out on the road. :D
I'm not sure where the 2% came from Mazda them self state that fords stake is 3.5%

Irrelevantly, because of the share distribution ford still have a significant and influential share in the company