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Calling any Alfa Techs

Dec 3, 2003
The land that time forgot
I'm after new shell bearings for my old 145 T/Spark (1.8)

ALL my old shells (across all four con-rods) are original 1998 Alfa, out of the factory and marked with the part number 7646454 but the parts man at my local Alfa dealer says this number has been superseded.

He's offering me four sets (in pukka AR shrink-wrapped blister packs) each of which contains 2 identical looking shells but with 2 different numbers in there. One is marked 55209624 B520 and the other is 55217519 B520 2J.

These new shells have a red mark on the edge. My old ones have no marks at all.

Are the new parts the best available replacement for my old ones?

If so, why do the new parts have different part numbers? All the 55209624 are slightly whiter than the 55217519 in the same packet... but that might just be coincidence.

If the shells fit in a certain way (of my old ones - the top one seems to get more wear) which one is the top shell and which shell goes at the bottom?


Ralf S.