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General Multijet (give it a test drive)


Feb 17, 2006
Edinburgh & Fife
I know many folks turn their noses up at the thought of the Multijet engine......(smelly old oil burner..cough cough ). But if you are thinking of getting a Panda, PLEASE give it a road test. The engine does have a little knock when it first starts but this soon goes. It then becomes one of best little engines you could ever want. It has all the power you need its smooth, quiet, and so far our Sporting is doing 52.2 mpg. and it aint been out of Edinburgh yet, apart from a quick blast round the by-pass.
Our previous car was the Mazda2 1.4 TDCI which cost a lot more and to be honest was a bit of a smelly old oil burner.

I was considering a Grande Punto when the dealer gave me the keys to a Panda Sporting to try; it's a very nice little mover which is quiet and comfortable (both the engine and the radio sound good). Great fun to drive especially in town with lots of nice low-end grunt but also very capable on the motorway. Was first away from the traffic lights too (though admittedly the others weren't even trying) - the purchasing decision has just become a lot harder!

Has anyone directly compared the diesel Panda with the 75 or 90bhp Grande Punto?
I've got this engine in my Doblo Family. Brilliant little thing. Considering it's absurd size if you get the turbo on song It'll pull the weight of the Doblo along very nicely.
If you mean Panda, the online configurator will let you add the Aircon Pack to the 1.3 Multijet Dynamic though that option is sadly not available for the Sporting.

Does anyone here have a Panda 1.3 Multijet Dynamic with aircon?
You can get the Multijet with Aircon. I didn't get it though cause I didn't want it.
Highlander said: far our Sporting is doing 52.2 mpg.
You're not trying hard enough! I generally get about 58 mpg, though I have managed 63. (y)