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General Mr Bump For Sale discussion and Pic links

Steve said:
He's bought another 4X4 Chris. There's a thread about it. :)
Ah, that's a relief ... I thought we'd lost him:D

I really MUST try to keep up !:bang:
Well, MR Bump does need a new windscreen! Seeing what pans out over the next few days.....
Steve said:
I've looked at those photos for the first time. I didn't realise the damage was as bad as that.
There is plenty of solid metal on the 3 wheel arches that are dented - they just need reforming out & spraying. The doors are the biggest pain but he does drive BEAUTIFULLY!
WEll, Mr Bump is probably getting cheaper all the time as I take my favourite bits off him and transfer them to the white Panda 4x4.
Incidentally, can I bear to leave Mr bump on the DAshboard in Mr bump?!?!?!?!?!
Stuartl said:
Ok just tried to have another look at Mr Bumps pics but all I'm getting is the fiker main page :confused:
There are pics in my FF member gallery too!
Using the Freak as a mean average ... Mr Bump is in pristine condition and worth it's weight in Pontefract Cakes.(y)