General Motor oil for 1.8 16v 2004

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General Motor oil for 1.8 16v 2004

What oil is recommended for my Stilo?
1.8 16v -04
I would use a full. or semi also you could use a Deisel oil as it has Detergents in the oil that removes carbon, if you want a seriously clean engine? Oil is dependent on the weather in your region. How cold it gets and how hot the weather is. Like in NZ I tend to use 5w 40 oils. But also put in Power up or motor up saves heaps on engine wear. You can use Diesel oil in a Petrol but you cannot use Petrol Oil in a diesel, it will cease the engine.
I've since changed my mind about OILS If it is specifically named to use 'Full Synthetic oil' that is what should be used, as I've got a failure in a Hyundai i45 due to probably not getting normal oils through the oil pump the tollereances must be closer on the engineering today to maintain a racy engine. Also I cxould not get oil into my FIATY STILO 1.8 16V 192 A.4000 with diesel oil being too thick. I've found since that yiou remove the top plug and pour oil into it to bleed the oil pump (located top left at front of engine) You also fill the oil filter before fitting is an added bonus. I noted if you go for smoko breaks at Ford leaving the oil draining in a Ford Ranger for more that 30 minutes then you have to pressurize the oil system, same with fast engine Fiats I presume. So if you are changing oil do it straight away. Otherwise youy will have to bleed the whole system to get oil pressure.
I am searching for a cheap ENGINE SUMP for a 2006 Fiat Stilo 1.8 16V 192 A.4000 it has the drive shaft going through an attachment at the rear which is part of the sump configuration. As I live in new Zealand obviously the cheaper the better for me, as cost to courier wont be cheap, can anybody help?
Does anyone have a 'Fiat Stilo engine Sump' with the drive shaft going through it at the rear for a 192 A.4000 2006 Stilo if the price is right I need it couriered to New Zealand as unable to find one here.