General Most common issues with Grande Punto ?

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General Most common issues with Grande Punto ?


Mar 14, 2018
As I am about to buy used Grande Punto, I was wondering what are some common issues Fiat Grande Punto owners face ?
What are its cons ?
2008 - 1.2 8v, 65hp
I am going to go check it about 10h from now(plus I have to go to sleep soon to rest a little bit), is it OK to ask from community to come together and help ?
Kind of in a rush over here, as I was planning to buy Punto Mk2 instead of Grande Punto, but this one just appeared out of nowhere and it seems to be a good deal
I am also researching, watching videos

But what would really help is peoples experiences, if possible, please
(stuff like "check this and this when buying used GP"
Now we're talking about an old car that probably has 5-10 years (or less) of lifespan left. If you are a DIY guy eager to learn new things, then go ahead and buy it because it probably doesn't cost much money at all and it's going to be great fun finding new faults (if it has any). On the contrary if you have to get even the basic service done by someone else, I recommend to skip it. If it's very low mileage, then buy it, because you can just drive it with basic annual service for years.

That collection of issues there applies to many issues that can be encountered during the car's lifespan.

What I know of GP is that is has electric power steering which is known to give headaches at some point and it can end up being quite an expensive repair if done by Fiat themselves.