Technical mk2 front wipers - HELP!!!!

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Technical mk2 front wipers - HELP!!!!


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Aug 30, 2005
hi, my wifes 2001 punto's front wipers have a problem! yesterday she switched them on and there was a clunk :confused: the passenger side wiper now doesnot work, just moves freely whilst the drivers side works as normal, i guess its a linkage problem, but has anyone had this happen and have any tips/ideas as it is a pain and it looks like rain again!!
yeah the linkage on punto mk2 is very weak. and breaking is very common occirance normally though its drivers side that breaks. anyway you may get lucky abnd can pop itback on. or you may have to replace it if you go to fiat its £120+ as motor and linkage is a pne peice unit.
you can get one form here think its about £65 delviered then you can fit ya self. or pay someone or

there is an uprated linkage you can get this you have to attach your existing motor to. read here
i have fixed mine with that green garden wire and its been fine for two years, dont bother getting a new part.