Technical mk1 punto induction kit

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Technical mk1 punto induction kit

cinqysxmk2 said:

that's what it looks like...

however, doing this you will lose torque - fiat spent thousands developing a tuned airbox, there is a reason for it's size...

my m8 meant the actual panal filter not the plastic case
His filter always makes me giggle :p in a good way :) i think it looks like a waffle =/ lol
On another note.. =) i got the K&N and the roar is like no other :p (thats my opinion, so no attacking pls >: D) also.. with the heat sucking up.. i been thinking this lately.. and would either putting a letterbox vent on the bonnet or a bonnet vent such as.. ( )

(i know it isnt a fiat :p)

or even.,..

( )

you know? aything like those... would that kill down on the heat being sucked up? im presuming yes? (future ideas) :) all replies i would appreciate. thanks =p

*sorry if i didnt make sense, its 3am :p)
if you havent tried a drilled airbox then you wont know, panel filter sounds pretty much the same, it does sound better but not louder really maybe just.

k&n panel filter and drilled airbox- i love the sound, imo think it sounds better than an induction kit (y) and tbh, whats stopping you drilling holes in your airbox, if you dont like it then buy an induction kit :)

and softwarez ^^^

you really need to put some kind of heatshield round the filter, because you want to stop the warm air then increase the cold air.
uno_94 said:
you really need to put some kind of heatshield round the filter, because you want to stop the warm air then increase the cold air.

Yeah suppose thats true.. anyone have any suggestions on how to get this done? any pics of examples? or not been done? :/ ?
And on another note... the GSR Induction kit, does that allow no cold air in etc?
dave said:
you dont they be no good ones, for £110 inc delivery you can get a purpose built gsr kit from mr oldschool

Looks like im going to have to buy one then!

Argh I hate coming on the forum, I end up spending all my money because of you lot!!


edit: Who's the contact for these GSR kits? mr oldschool? can't seem to find him anywhere :eek:

I'll sell my lexarse lights, tint old ones, then use money to buy the kit :slayer:

Which means I have a standard bob for sale now if anyone wants it.. £5 O.N.O + £4 P+P.... PM me you silly children :rolleyes:
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At the risk of getting flamed, I made my own 'custom' induction kit. I got a universal cone filter from Demon tweeks and a bit of intake tubing off a Volvo 240 (yes really). I made a heatshield to keep the hot exhaust manifold air away from the filter. God knows what (if any) difference it makes, but it's mine and it's unique :)

I even borrowed a proper thermometer/thermocouple from work and drove around with it in different positions under the bonnet to see where was coldest.