Technical mk1 punto induction kit

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Technical mk1 punto induction kit


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Nov 13, 2005
iv been thinkin of getin an induction kit for my punto, but all the 1s i av seen dont cum with any pipe work how do i fit them???
i was thinkin of just getin a cheap one bout £20-30 wasnt really lookin 2 spend £110
im only really lookin 4 a nice roar plus i want 2 get rid of all the black plastic on top of my engine
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i feel like a right prat 4 askin this but whats the black thing called that the red pipein is connected to
the black bit we call bob, the red bit is the special silicone pipe that gsr suply, you wont get that no where else, the bob is also modified so that side pipe can be conected, you get the whole lot in the gsr kit ,modified bob, black pipe, red pipe, filter and clips, its why its well worth the money
iv just been told dat if i drill few holes in my air-filter it will make it sound like an induction kit is this true????