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Technical Mk 2 Punto


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Oct 11, 2007
I have flush the system, replaced the filler cap, and filled the system with Halfords Advanced antifreeze, which Ethylene Glycol based, it is just below the bottom of the neck of expansion tank, this is to allow for further bleeding.

At operating temperature the coolant rises to more than halfway up the neck, the fan will kick in for about 10 secs and the coolant will drop half an inch.

As I have not notice this coolant expansion in other cars (ford) I am wondering if this corect (OK)
A cars cooling system is pressureized so yes you will notice this. When filling it just fill it up to the "MAX" mark and replace the pressure cap. If you have taken any hoses off or broken into the cooling system, the method i know is turn the heater on in the car, leave the cap off untill the heater is warm. If you havent broken into the system, there is no need to bleed the system.