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Technical Light behind mileage clock


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Jan 25, 2006
The light behind my mileage clock has failed - its a 1.6 1997 brava.

is this just a simple fuse, if so which fuse....

or is it a dashboard off job....

please reply soon, its driving me nuts!!


is there anything else out of function?
if it's not,i think you will have to change the bulb behind the dashboard. but chek the fuses first,it's not a problem and will save some time for shure.
hi mate,
I had the same problem with my mechanic checked it and said the bulb is gone but it willcost more to raplace it as it is the entire panel (digital Speedo display) which needs changing.interestingly i can still see the readingd if i look in the day light.have a look for the fuse also...if it's expensive to replace...better leave it that way...hope you will be able to sort it...goodluck...pram
Peace! :slayer:
As my neighbour and pramodkumart said, you should try checking the fuse and if you want to know what fuse is it, check the site and there you have the fuse scheme. Go to index on this site and find fuses and that's it! I hope you will find the fuse because everything you do is to expensive, FIAT! (y)
It's a bulb gone at the back of the gauges. Sometimes they've been known to just come back on again, especially with a helpful thump.

To remove, drop the steering wheel down as low as you can, remove the 3 allen securing screws around the instrument hood and then two lower ones which you'll see when you drop down the wheel. Now there's also a phillips screw nicely hidden away behind the dash. To get access remove the fuse box cover then get yourself upside down with a torch and you 'll find it.

Then you can manoeuvre the gauge panel out far enough so you can remove the wiring connectors and then you can withdraw the gauge panel.
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Just fixed this on my Marea. All the tools you will need are:

Hex Key - 4mm.
Posidrive screw driver.
Long nose pliars.

Followed the instructions in the BOO forum. Not a single hitch (y)

Took a few pics for people to view. Just as I'd finished another marea weekend drove past as Bunny's bravo (and her mum's) looked on.


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