Technical Keys! Keys! Keys! (and a blast from the past for some of you)

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Technical Keys! Keys! Keys! (and a blast from the past for some of you)


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Aug 3, 2003
Hey all. Long time no speak. Nice to see the site still alive and kicking.

So the old girl has finally come out of mothballs - quick charge of the battery and as ever she starts first turn even after having only done 30 miles in the last 3 years and not having been started for 2 years (garage stored though).

I now need to get the bits sorted that stopped me using her in the first place, i.e. to get the locking wheel bolts removed (some spanner monkey put the wrong key set in the boot so it's now lost) and to get a new RCL equipped key so that I can actually lock her (she's got rear Marea's on both sides - D'oh! Seemed like a good idea at the time, lol).

Bolts are in progress but as wondering if anyone has genuine MK2 CODE1 RCL / alarm equipped keys available to save me the butt invasion of a dealer? I know Joske had some at one time (is he still around?) so hoping some of you may have options for me?

Hoping to get her MOT'd ready for a mid-summer event as I've really missed getting a sunburnt face looking at Italian Automotive Pornography so would be really grateful if someone can help.

Stay Lucky! Oz.
Thanks for the responses guys. Sadly it's the remote chip that has blown and it seems these can't be fixed. May just have to go aftermarket unless Joske can help. :(