Technical Ive got a dodgy idle..........

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Technical Ive got a dodgy idle..........

I had the same problem with my 2002 1.6 stilo as well

You need to make sure that the Fiat dealership have done the ecu update and pressure sensor modification.

In the end a local garage cleaned the idle control valve on mine which appears to have fixed it ( at least for now )

There are other threads on this familiar stalling problem. Good Luck
Sounds like a fouled throttle body and air pressure sensor. Remove the throttle housing and clean it fully using brake cleaner, remove the air pressure sensor and do the same. Spray a lttle brake cleaner/carb cleaner inside the manifold to remove any deposits off. Rebuild and restart the engine. Idle will normally be much smoother but to finish the job fully have the throttle relearnt using examiner at your dealer.
When idling, my 1.2 petrol sounds a bit like a diesel... any ideas? the exhast is a bit blowy too which i know needs looking at, but the engine sounds rather rough, it only got its 24000 service 2 months ago... over xmas i got a phantom engine fault that lasted a day or so but dissappeared when i filled the petrol tank? The engine sound is really the annoying thing.