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General Iv'e a question

Aug 2, 2004
Northern Ireland
Some of you have visited my web site (Steve and Jim) so why haven't you posted were you are on my little guestmap ?

Come now guys and girls (pick which suits) show some support. (y)

Thank you for taking the time to read this. :D
Pandarus said:
Hi Stuart,

I've been on your site, it is superb.

But where is the guestmap?

Thank you. Left hand side of the main page in the red sections, you'll see a "things to do" list. The guest map is the 3rd one down.:D
Theres a guestbook, a forum and a classifieds section as well.
Just been, signed ...and everything!
Can I have my prize now ?

Good site(y)
Thank you Chris, at least once you found were you were going you placed yourself unlike some (S&J). Your prise is knowing your the er em second Panda owner to post on the map. "Neil has a Sisley". My old one.
Guest book signed Stuart - great site too!

Only gripe is that the pictures take ages to download on dial-up. Other than that I wish I had your collection of cars.(y)

And I love the 127 Sport. It's looking really good, and I hope the rest of the restoration goes smoothly. Bring it down to the London Ace Cafe Italian meet one day! Now that would be quite a trip ;)

Hi Chas and thanks for the encouragment with your message. It is slow on dialup but I wanted to make the restoration pics as big as I could to help anyone thinking of doing the same work.

Erm Alan I have no idea why you don't get all the titles. "Well I do, I have the site set to block anyone witha german car that begins with B. :p LOL