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iPod Help Anyone?


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Apr 6, 2004
This is a question for anyone with any know-how about iPods, i had all my songs on my previous PC, which got hit by viruses even though i had Norton, so i got a new PC, but now i want to put all my songs back on my PC, but it wont let me?! anyone know how to do it?


Connect the iPod to the PC, use explorer to copy all the files to a folder on the PC (this can be your Music Store folder if you want, but it doesn't have to be). The files will have random names.
In iTunes, go to Preferences, Advanced. Put a tick in Keep iTunes Musoc folder organised. Click File, Add Folder. Select the folder where you copied the files to.

Disclaimer: This might not work for you, but it did for me, several times.
You can't do it since you could be music sharing I do believe.

However, do some searching and I believe that there is a hack to allow it.
Nope, they are just files after all. Forgot to mention, that you need to view hidden folders, and the files are under iPod_Control\Music

Yes they may be files but with most devices like this you normally can't upload in this fashion to please the copyright crew. I was sure ipods were the same and a software hack was required to allow access to the songs.
Things may have changed on the new versions - I bought my 30GB iPod back in the days when they were £400, and didn't do video (though at least you got all the accessories with them, rather than having to buy them separately) :rolleyes:
I can't see that being the case, though I'm prepared to be proven wrong!
Like I said though, I've done it several times.
blackJTD said:
can you guys view your ipod's contents in explorer on your PC? i can only see mine through iTunes...?
In iTunes, go to Preferences, iPod, put a tick in Enable Disk use.
The iPod then appears as a disk drive.
That's right - the iPod renames all the files, as the data is kept in a separate database. If you use the "Keep my iTunes music folder organised" option, iTunes will automatically sort them out for you.