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General intervering rear wiper


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Feb 18, 2006
:) hello all you stilo drivers owner of a stilo 1.8 in black with full abarth finishing touches including the shadow chrome 17 inch alloys mmmmm the best looking alloy wheel ever (in my opinion) when the back wiper is working it interveres with the standard cd player i.i cd loses power and makes the noise flutter a bit is this a common problem or do i need to check something else
Yeah thats possible matt and was the path I was going down. The rear wiper is controlled by a module integrated into the column stalk controls, which I believe is on the same loom as the power for the CD player. It may be something has gone t*ts up and is short circuiting or causing interference.

Ryan, you'd have to check for a short circuit between the CD player wiring and rear wiper wiring; got a multimeter handy?

Either that or the relay for the rear wiper is causing interference in the junction unit; try switching it for another to see if that cures the problem. The relay number is T12.

Oh, and for future reference, whack this sort of thing in the "Stilo -> Technical" section (y)
tried the t12 relay still the same is tgere any more quick fixes i could check i.e checking the fuses looking behind the stereo to see if all cables are in what about diconneting the earth wire on the stereo to see if that helps it only happens when the rear wiper is on i would take it to fiat as still under warranty but they dont give a ***t about your cars and it would probably come back scrastched etc can any body help with my problem or give further advice

regards mark :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(