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Technical Interior light

Feb 11, 2006
Does anybody know an easy way to hook some LEDs up to the interior light DOOR switches (in a Cinq) so they light up when the doors are opened? I can trace the switch wires from the door into the car, where they disappear behind the dashboard behind the speaker grills.They vanish behind some black cardboard like material, probably sound deadening, and I have no idea where they go:confused:. Surely there must be a place I can get at where either side joins before heading to the interior light? Or even near the fuse box? I have already searched the forum before someones says search!
if its anything like a sei your courtesy light is the place they all go, what you need to do is get a flat screwdriver and get it so you can lever the light out of the headlining, then you will see the wires that were from the door switch. now all you need to do is see which wires do what by testing your l.e.d's on 2 of the wires at once, when you have light then thats the configuration you need to wire to. just dont do what i did and wires 2 neon l.e.d strips to the existing wiring or itll blow the fuse every time you open your door, you need your own power cable with inline fuse which i would say should be 10-15 amps. good luck
Without sounding patronising, but put a brighter bulb in? Or maybe your current bulb is on its way out?
Seijunkie, they must have been really powerful LED bars because ive had both my bars held onto one of the door switches and the courtesy light on and didn't blow anything. I've already looked under the roof lining but ideally need to find where they meet in the dash, any ideas people?