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Nov 26, 2005

Does anyone know of any companies that lower your insurance once you reach 21 instead of the usual 25?

My insurance isn't up for renewal yet but planning ahead :)
Don't forget to put a couple of companies against each other, you'd be shocked at how much you can get off when they go off to the underwriter.
apparently being 21 or 25 makes you a better driver LMAO

I know many people who have passed their test at 17, and then just not driven, they will go thru uni not driving, reach 21 buy a car, drive and get dirt cheap insurance, how does that work? They will have forgotten everything and most likely hit the first tree/well looked after car they come accross!

I think insurance prices should be based on total milage driven since passed, as it basically counts as experiance!
I really wish there were sudden decreases in premiums, but there aren't you'll find that after the first few years of motoring, the premiums will almost half each year, but then on, they always seem to hover around the same 'market rate'. All I can say is make sure you get a deal and level of cover you're satisfied with. Its better to pay for something you want than go for the cheapest quote with less cover, although (and I know this from my driving history) the cheapest quote is the most appealing, especially for something you have to have just to try and not use it. Thats probably of no use to you but its nice to rehash a bit of advice somebody once gave me.

Happy motoring.
The only time it really becomes a treat is when buying a car with a years free insurance. Usually starting at 21. But thats not really much help as you're talking about a re-newal, not a new car!
Thanks for the info, i'm intending to shop around for it.

I wish I could afford a new car :)
We'll I'm 21 with a 2001 Sei modded with full abarth kit a lower excess now :eek: cost me £500 fully comp (y)

But I'm classed as a professional driver on my insurance don't know if that helps lower the premiums :confused:

But when I had this car when I was 18 it was costing me about £1000 with £750 excess :eek:

Admittedly I missing the Fiat Panda which was £300 fully comp 1yrs NCB
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Seicento Racer said:
But I'm classed as a professional driver on my insurance don't know if that helps lower the premiums :confused:

why are you that?? Im classed as UK full
I'm paying £1665.72 on my bloudy fiat uno 999c fire (h) that was by far the cheapest quote i could get at the time. I got my licence last sept and im 20. mad huh:bang:
I'm with Alex

to be honest my insurance has been about the same for years now. I thought there would be big differences when I reached key ages 21,25,30,35 but I can tell you I've had insurance since I was 17 had full no claims for 15 years and I never noticed any difference,

The only time it has come down is when I shopped around.(come to think of it maybe its because my cars got dafter as i got older:D )

I insure 3 cars 2 are modded and one is "high risk" and the quotes can differ by 1,000's of pounds depending who you call (HIC all the way for modded cars!!:slayer: )
i'm 17, got a 1.1i Seicento Sporting and my insurance is now about £1300 that tptf. Was £1900 when i was learning and dropped down when passed and even more when i did my pass plus

thats with quinn direct
higest risk area in manchester (city centre) on the band thing where it rates them mine comes under refer rather than a rating. im 22 1yr ncb. Drive a 1.6 C4 currently thats got a few mods done. clean license held for 2 years. no other history. 15,000 a year.

My insurance is around £950 give or take a few quid. Ways to get insurance down are to give a slightly lower mileage than you would use. And make sure you put your parnts on the policy not as main drivers but as named drivers the way the insurance company sees it is there are more experianced and mature drivers that will at times drive your car therefore less likely to crash it. Thus knocks cash off. Also state how long you had your license from including how long you had your provisional. however when i was 19 and had no NCB i got a quote on the car i had then a clio for the same details above minus NCB for a 1.2 16v.....£2700 and that was as cheap as i could find when i looked thankfully i had free insurance. And later sold the car i basically got the use of it for free for a couple years as i paid £8000 for the car with the extras i got spec'd up and sold it for £5700 in the end. Was mint and incredibly low mileage though.

I can get insured on a skyline for just over 2k to put it into perspective looking around really does help and so does playing insurance companies off each other. And looking at certain cars you find out there a lot cheaper to insure due to them being looked at as more of an enthusiasts car.

A group 15 C4 VTS would cost me nearly £4700 to insure an R34 GTR would cost me £2400 Seriously how the hell do insurance companies get there prices!?

A 3000GT would be cheaper again as i looked at one of those which are 3 litre twin turbo's. The insurance for most of those types of cars is actually pretty decent and when you check the forums theres a fair few drivers in there aged 19 and up getting cheap quotes. like certian companies wont insure people under 25 on a clio 172 cup. Yet a standard 172 they will give you a decent quote at 19. Because so many cups are wrote off each winter due to inexperianced drivers mixed with no traction control and no abs.

Only thing with them is there cheaper to insure but what you save insuring them you pay in running costs. £200+ tax a year, 17mpg roughly and servicing every 4000 miles and if something goes wrong you need a specialist to look at them so chuck in another stupid repair bill.
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How can i find out what area i live in in respect to insurance risk?