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Technical installing an amp...


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Dec 21, 2005
im thinking about installing an amp for my 6x9s and i need to run a power lead to the battery.. does any one know how i can run the power lead from the insde of the car to the battery.. or is the a way of connecting thr power to something on the inside? and also wil the carpets just pull up or do it need to modify things to hide the wires?
There will be a grommet on the nearside of the bulkhead. Looking from inside the car, its just behind the glovebox and I think taking the glovebox out made it easier to find. Pull the carpet back and have a look around there for it.

You dont need to mod anything to route the wires to the back, run them under the plastic door sills. They pop out after undoing a couple of screws. Then go up under the backseats (use a coat hanger to pull the wires up behind the plastic trim) to the amp.

(Im presuming you have a 3dr here ;) and that the 2.5 is the same as the 2)

In fact theres a few photos I took for someone a while ago here-



thanks alot thats helped me ill have a look when its daylight again.. cheers n yeh its a 3door