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Styling In the Mad Mod Frenzy


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Oct 18, 2006
Walsall, West Midlands
Hi guys, I got a Stilo 1.2 Active, and I have to say I luv it, however i crashed it a couple of months back and while its been off road i've been on a bit of a spending spree, it will be off to the body shop this month and i will post more pics when it is complete. So far I have bought/fitted

>Powerflow Jap style exhaust
>Bilstein suspension kit
>100+ Nitro Alloys
>Abarth Side Skirts
>Mintex disks and pads
>Abarth Spoiler
>Tinted windows
>Debadged boot
>Made tv install where normal stereo goes, put JVC in upper glovebox and slimline ps2 in lower glove box, vibe 3 way 6x9's, 2 12inch subs 700watt each,

Next things on the list are, custom mats, perhaps lambo doors, debadged front grill, wouldn't mind an air filter and i noticed the is a supersprint manifold with decat on here says for punto may fit stilo, that would be ideal if anybody knows would it fit?

Let me know what you think anyway, thanks


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Looks Cool :cool: and nice to see a 1.2 owner doing their cars also (y) the manifold should fit but you will need to modify you exhaust system further by removing the cat thats bolted to the original exhaust manifold ..then you can fit a sports cat 200 cpi and move the lamda to a new position along with associated wiring just after the cat (y)
Ye, I seen them from poland about £40 look sweet, an experiment did cross my mind about buying a second hand bumper and chopping the registration plate holder part, then fitting an audi rs4 grille, totally transforming the front end, but the question is where do you stop? I think i'm going to go for the sleek subtle euro look. I would love some black angel eyes for it, but cannot find any :(
Ye i like the black back lights, but i was actually on about my headlamps. I think its the drop first, then lambo doors.
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