Technical Immobilizer problem

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Technical Immobilizer problem


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Oct 13, 2007

My first posting here....

I already read through some immobilizer problems. I have also one.... Immobilizer light stays on. Starter runs but engine just won't start. Randomly removing key and putting it back and stating again it starts or not.. This will happen only when wheater is wet and cold enough (near zero or below).

So there is that classical immobilizer problem - I know..

But where can I find ECU? At first I try to clean up the connectors but where to find ECU for cleaning?

Is there service/workshop manual available anywhere for my Punto?

volunteers to hack my ECU to make workaround for that immobilizer?

And my Punto is:

Fiat Punto 2D Hatchback 1.2
initial reg day: 18.10.2003
Right now I don't have ECU nbr since I cannot find the ECU ;-)

yes i suppose this is 8 valve engine. Anyway it is "older" engine than later ones in same frame.

But at first I need to know where ECU is located for cleaning the connectors etc. Please if somebody can give a hint I'll be very happy...

Suppose I found the ECU - under air intake.

Here are couple of pictures of it. Specialists may tell what version this is and what does it take to make workaround for immobilizer. Is custard's solution best one?

Connectors are clean so problem is somewhere else. Error code it gives is blaming antenna but it has been changed last winter. Now I'm ready to disable immobilizer to get rid of that nasty problem.

What does it take to make that immobilizer hack? Sending ECU to somewhere or is there someting I can do myself to disable it?