Technical Ignition module problem - help please

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Technical Ignition module problem - help please

Jul 6, 2008
Hi all, i have a 1.0 Fire engine installed in my 126 Bis. It has the Marelli distributor with electronic ignition. The engine has covered 80k aswell as the ign module. On a drive last september the engine randomly cut out. 20 mins later it started up again fine. After some research i discovered this is a symptom of an old ign module. I fitted a NEW genuine distributor but the engine wouldnt start up. I then fitted the old ign module to the new dizzy and it started fine. Ive purchased 2 brand new ign modules - 1 genuine and 1 pattern. Neither of them will allow the engine to start....only the old one! Ive tried it several times with the 2 genuine and 1 pattern ign module, and the only module that will run the engine is the old one. It doesnt make any sense as the part numbers are the same? Has anyone else had this problem? I seem to be stuck with a suspected faulty ign module as its the only one that will run the engine! Has the internal design of the module changed since 1988? I dont understand it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks folks.