Technical idles better without the alternator

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Technical idles better without the alternator


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Oct 8, 2003
something i noticed yesterday, shredded the alternator belt when i was playing in the snow, driving it home quickly before i ran out of electricity i noticed that the car idles perfectly.

it sits at 20inhg in the vacuum gauge, the needle is constant, the revs are bob on, and the car doesnt shudder at all.

normally it can wobble around a bit at idle, sitting at about 17/18 on the vacuum gauge with the needle twitching and the engine shudders occasionally.

is this just because of the extra load from the alternator.. or you reckon the alternator might not be well - because tbh, at idle it can't be taking that much power from the alternator. surely?
strange. i suppose if the battery isnt at its best itll be a constant load of the alt as it tries to charge it. it could be the alt's bearings too.
i have a feeling its the battery, it doesnt like to hold charge long in the cold weather - but i had it tested not so long ago and it checked out fine. weird