General I thinks its the alternator

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General I thinks its the alternator


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Jan 1, 2006
Hi guys hope everyones doing well,

Wondering if you could help recently I hear a weird airy whistling noise after my cinqs warmed up a bit when I press the accelerator. Been looking at the alternator threads on the forum and i recon thats the problem.
Another weird thing is my head lights seem to light up a bit brighter when i rev when idle is this some alternator related aswell.

Thanks for the info in advance
Sound very much like the alternator is on the way out

If you go from all electrics off, to main beam, stereo and windows down, how long do the revs drop for?
Exactly the same happened to mine a couple months ago, if you stick you head under the bonnet while engine is running and listen to the alternator you'll probly find its making a slight grinding noise as well (which will be the bearing)

80 quid, a couple of hours and some swearing later it was fixed

It seems that they don't last long, mine went after only 45,000 miles
thanks for the info ill check the revs with all electrics on but looks like a new alternator it is then. Does anyone know of a cheap supplier or a scrappy in the london area