Hows everyone faring in the wake of the "storm"

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Hows everyone faring in the wake of the "storm"

I had a journey inconvenienced by a tree in the middle of the A140 and noted a slight breeze, but nothing else other than that
Had a busy day at work yesterday with mains failures, etc. Got lots of portable generators out to sites though so y'all can keep watching your TV and listening to your radio. You're welcome.
The winds on my journey to work looked pretty nasty judging by the fiesta driving in front of me on the A34.
So glad I've just upgraded from one to my Bravo sport couldn't tell there was any wind at all in My car :D
We in Cleveland like lot's of other places in the UK just got lot's of high winds but nothing too bad but loads of rain.

I do know from another forum I frequent there was some significant damage in some areas of London (mainly fallen trees) which is where the damaging winds seemed to focus. It also passed over the UK quite quickly which I think limited the amount of damage.

I feel sorry for the family of the guy in the Peugeot who was killed by a falling tree, how unlucky to be in the exact spot in a vehicle at the exact time a tree falls.(n)

According to the BBC this morning there are still 57,000 homes without power in the South and East.
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A bit late to this, but we had 2 roof tiles slide down from the top of the roof, caught by the gutter so didn't smash. Got then re-placed FOC under our Home Emergency cover :D