How much oil should I be using?

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How much oil should I be using?

John Cellario

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Mar 31, 2017
I have a two year old, from new, Fiat 500x Popstar 1.6 which needs topping up with engine oil every two months or so. It takes almost a full litre of OW30 oil. A guy at the dealers seemed to think my kind of engine does use this much oil but it seems a bit excessive to me. Any advice? Thanks.
Firstly we cannot measure oil usage by time. Usage and miles are more significant, so more info needed.
Having said that, my 72k mile 1.2 needs half a litre about three-quarters the way to the next service. My 22k Fabia has used nothing in just over 5 months and 4000 miles. Previous Fiestas have gone a whole year and 12500 miles to a service, with abuse by learners, and used nothing.

Most engines these days use little or no oil, but any can be made to use oil by the way they are driven. So many variables.
Most manufacturers will not consider oil use a problem unless in excess of half a litre to 500 miles.

Your description raises a concern. A litre every two months. Why does that not read a litre a month, or better, half a litre a fortnight?
As the oil level drops, the remaining oil works harder. It runs hotter, as there is less to lose the heat, it has to run back around the system to do work sooner, and less oil is there to carry the products of combustion, etc. As it works harder, consumption increases. Checking more frequently, and topping up smaller amounts more often may well decrease the amount consumed, as well as prolong the engine's life.