how much is my uno worth? (pics included)

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how much is my uno worth? (pics included)

Nov 26, 2004
southend on sea, essex
i need to sell my car, how much would you say its worth? over all its in good condition, or it will be when i sell it anyway.

as you can see the outside paint work has come up rather nice :) (i washed the back half of the car, then it was getting dark)

at the moment it has no mot, but i may get an mot, so say prices with and without an mot.

its a uno 45ie, 1994 LHD, 92k kilometers (about 55k miles i think), any more details? :) if so say.

here are the pics.








there is a few rust spots, they havent come through, but there bubbley.

one scrape, on the passenger side bottom of rear door, see pic.

so all say prices please, private and a price id get if i stick it on ebay. remember ebay seem to like LHD's!!
uno_94 said:
yeah they love LHD it seems, when i put it on there last time, there were other unos that were RHD with 2 days left and better than mine for under £100 and mine was at £182 with 8 days left.

That's because you bump up your auctions using other or pals ebay IDs!

200-300notes with a clean MOT.

check thru everything!!

My volvo failed a funking #35 mot on a rear right seat belt clip had lost its shell, still worked fine but because it had sharp edges without the cover they failed it, and I have had to pay for a new one and them to fit it (#25!!!)
Steve said:
In that colour/colours I can't see it selling. 150 quid tops if you're lucky.


Unless you don't care what you drive, very few people are gonna want a 2 tone car.