General How do I replace the front and rear badges ?

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General How do I replace the front and rear badges ?


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Sep 2, 2007

Going to the dealer tomorrow to pick up the new Red Fiat badges.

I'd presume that the boot lining needs to be removed in order to fit the rear one ?

But whats the best was to swap one one on the front ?

Just done mine only yesterday (y)

I presume they got the correct set in as well?

Ok, for front - open bonnet, and you will see 4 bolts on top of the grill - remove those, and this gives you extra access to behind the front badge; carefully remove the nut and washer [be careful not to drop them] remove badge, replace, and do it back up again...

For rear - I initially removed the rear lining - but with hindsight, I needn't have bothered. Instead, I just slowly worked my way round the badge with my fingers, lifting it up; it is stuck on with tape, so just work your way round - take your time, and it will pop off. Then remove any residue and pop in the new one, having removed the backing. I kept the black grommets on, and just made sure they lined up.

For the wheels, I intend to remove the other 3 tomorrow - and pop out the centre cap from the inside.
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Thanks fella..

So the rear one is just stuck on....

I was going to drill holes into the wheel centers and then pull the old ones off.. I'm sure this will be fine as I don't wish to keep them..

Saves taking the wheels off.

Thanks bud.
The rear one is stuck on, but has two little prongs on the back of it, into which two plastic grommets or something fit over.

I did get access to the back of it, but very tricky, and I couldn't get any leverage on it. It just needs patience, lift it slowly and gradually you will feel it start to move....
thanks - Will you be posting some pics when the project is complete ?
thanks - Will you be posting some pics when the project is complete ?
Yep - car is being all cleaned up tomorrow for Gaydon, so plenty of pics to come. Also a chance to show off the red calipers.
I paid £0 :) the dealership even handed me a locking petrol cap a few weeks back.
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I wonder who told you, how to fit them :rolleyes:
You did - but you had no net access :spin:

Mine all fitted now, removed all the road wheels this morning, fully cleaned inside and out, and some brake dust barrier solution applied.
see my pedal and badge thread for this, I was told I'd have to order a new airbag to get the part, but I think some careful searching and a word with fiat customer care might help source a new badge