Technical Hi all - can u help???

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Technical Hi all - can u help???

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Jan 8, 2006
Hello all. :confused:
I've had my little cinq sporting for 8 years and given me no probs up until afew months ago. On a motarway journey every now and then the car would stutter for a second then I'd notice a puff of white smoke from the exhuast, then it would drive fine. the only other thing I noticed was the temp was getting alittle high but nothing too extreme.
The cars been sat on the drive since as I have ahorrible feeling the head gaskets gone which Im lead to believe thats the end of the car. (n)
Can anyone throw some light on what my prob is. Ash(y)
When you say a little high...does the temp ever exceed 95-100 deg C?

The fan should kick in at around 92 deg C I think, if it goes much higher chances are the fan switch may have broken, or the head gasket or thermostat have gone - cant really advise much better myself as my whole cooling system + head gasket broke within a month of each other!!

A bit of steam this time of year is OK, as is rich running till its warm....Does the oil look ok,eg: not like coffee?
If the oil is looking coffee like, water will have got into it.

Equally, if the coolant looks black, oil will have got into it!

FYI....oil is black, coolant is blue, clear or green (usually).

If the HG has blown, its probably around the £150 mark for a garage to sort of £70 (worst case scenario) if you do it yourself :D