Technical Help! Un explained non start.

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Technical Help! Un explained non start.


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Oct 19, 2013
Hi all, I have a tipo 1.6ie 1992. It is my pride and joy, however today with the air box removed after changing the air filter I blipped the throttle from the linkage on the injection unit. No sooner did I do this it died and will not restart, I have not had any trouble of this kind before apart from rough running caused by worn cap and rotor a while back. There is no fuel being delivered to the injection unit, I have checked for spark and there is no issue with this. Have I disturbed some thing on the unit by operating the throttle from under the hood or is it just a huge coincidence? I have found two fuses and two relays on the bulk head and the fuses are ok, are these fuel related? Any help is really appreciated as I'm sure someone knows what has happened.
Seems like a strange one, you probably disturbed something messing about with the airbox...

I would check the wiring around the back, especialy the temp sensor inthe manifold. On my Tipo 1.4 it bacame dodgy and would stop the fuel spraying for some reason.

Fingers crossed...
That's almost right on the money. .. was an earth strap broken on the back of the manifold next to the temp sensor. Thanks so much for your help and reply. Repaired it and started straight away. Can't wait to try it tomorrow.