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May 26, 2015
Hi Folks

I have a Fiat 500 1.2 pop 2010.

I need to change the speedo / cluster as a local specialist cannot repair it.

I am about to purchase a second hand speedo to do a swap. Some questions please…

1 is this plug and play apart from resetting the mileage / proxy alignment ?

2 can I fit any speedo 2007 – 2015 – if so is there a limit as to what age speedo would work. Would any coding or other adaptations be needed for this?

Many thanks
Oct 10, 2021
I did a little research this when I was contemplating a 'body transplant' - looks like the speedo's not coded to the BCU so you should be fine security-wise, a different speedo shouldn't immobilize the car, unlike some other makes.

No idea on model-model compatibility (i.e. no idea if say an Abarth speedo would work) but as long as you stick to about the same age I'd have thought you should be fine; there have been several ECU changes over the life of the 500 by the looks of it, and there'd be no guarantee e.g. a 2007 speedo would work with a post-2017 Euro 6

More than that would be tricky to know without trying it, it communicates with the ECU, etc via the CAN bus so there's a chance there might be changes in the communications protocol, but seems unlikely. Maybe check the eper to see what other 500s have the same speedo part number as yours?

Edit - this looks helpful: Main issue seems to be ensuring the replacement speedo has a lower mileage than your existing one, or you're in for all sorts of fun...
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Jun 3, 2019
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I upgraded my 2011 speedo for a 2015 colour digital speedo & I’ve had absolutely no issues whatsoever
Obviously it must be a lower mileage replacement but if your changing speedometers why not upgrade!
Just a proxi needed to change to your correct mileage just keep a note of yours before you swap over!!
Here’s a pic of mine


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