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Apr 3, 2006
Hi Everyone,

I've just joined the forum. Been a Fiat Driver for 12 years now, first car panda, next two Punto's.

I have a question, wonder if anyone can help, sure they can. My airbag light came on yesterday. Was at the jetwash and when the guy had finished washing car, i switched engine back on and airbag light came on. Is this dangerous (stupid girly question I now!!!), is it expensive to get fixed?

Thanks Debsx:worship:
well its dangerous in as much as theres a fault in the airbag which you want in a crash.if it was after a jet wash its more likely its water in a relay/connection. might be worth leaving the bonnet up if its sunny for a bit to let air in and a light spray of WD40 to disperse any water.just over any electrics you see(light spray mind)
also without the engine running just push in any relays and connections you see.

if you have the radio code it may be worth disconnecting the battery for a bit but i dont think that clears airbag faults.
worst case then fiat can hook it up for a diagnostic for about £30 to £50
Thanx for your help/suggestions Custard Boy. I will try this and see if it works.


hey, a similar thing happenend to my dad (although not a fiat) and he was told that it is quite dangerous bcoz the air bag could go off even if you not in a crash. Scary. So i would recomend getting it checkd out, just to be on the safe side.
flick :)
Thanks Flick,

Its going into the garage tomorrow to get checked out. Hopefully not gonna be a fortune to get fixed :eek: