General help! me car won't start :(

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General help! me car won't start :(


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Oct 8, 2003
Just drove home from work. 2min journey (yes, im lazy). Pulled up outside my house, knocked the car into reverse to park up and nothing. Engine had died. Went to restart and it won't. Cranks fine, but won't fire up. When i stop cranking it, the injector light starts flashing at me.

Any ideas - not checked for spark etc yet. But sounds like sensor to me if the inj light is flashing at me :(
its blown the fuel pump / fuel pump relay fuse. the 20a one near the ecu. just sourcing a new one now.
15a fuse doesnt work. i should really wait to get to the right fuse for the job.
i need to get back to stafford asap. Need car working. I'm impatient!
yeah, when i turned the ignition i heard the pump prime and then when i tried to start it - i think it blew the 15a then. def blown the 15a now though.
its a normal size fuse. in a yellow holder under the ECU. just tried a new 20a in there. It blew as soon as i turned the ignition on, and i cannot hear the fuel pump priming.

I'm going to have to leave the car at home and catch a lift to stafford now i think.

Anyone think of anything quickly that it might be?
Cant remember if it was a cinquecento or seicento but a while back I had one doing the same & traced it to wiring at reverse switch shorting out,worth a try?cut of the cable tie as it was rubbing(shorting)under this.
Try disconnecting pump & renew fuse aswell.
that would make sense, i had just knocked the car into reverse when it cut out.

I can't check it now though, car is 120miles away :(
no break down cover arc?only reason i have it really is for towing home
i dont have home start, my home address is the one in st annes rather than my stafford address :(
it's alive again. my reversing light isnt though.

is that needed for the MOT?
i removed my induction kit and jiggled the reverse switch wiring, then fitted a new fuse and fired her up.

Actually.. the cable on the front of the box is the reverse inhibator cable isnt it. hmmm. I need to have a look in the daylight. Main thing is the engine runs again.

Where abouts was yours shorting T14086 ?