HELP! Blue&Me Adapter

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HELP! Blue&Me Adapter


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Apr 18, 2022
Hello, hope you are all well.

I have recently bought a Fiat 500 POP, 59 Plate. I really wish to play music on it but after reading all sorts of forums and threads I have found no answer for my issue. Id like to begin by saying my USB port works perfectly, I can charge my phone so no issues there. My phone connects to my car, I can answer calls and texts no problem.

The issue is the music. I have saw the mention of a Blue&Me Adapter a few times and the price is about £60-90. Upon reading the details for the adapter it states that it is only compatible for iPhone 5 and lower. I have an iPhone 8. Would this still work with my iPhone? I saw one review which stated that theirs worked fine with their iPhone X in their Alfa Romeo but I don't want to waste £90.
If the Adapter does work with an iPhone 8, will it allow me to play Apple Music? I keep seeing people talking about iTunes files and I am confused. I simply just want to go onto Apple Music or Spotify and stream songs.

I really don't want to get an FM adapter since they are very frustrating and id rather not go through the hassle of radio stations. I also saw people say to put an AUX in but I dont see any ports and If that means taking the stereo out, wouldn't I have the wire sticking out awkwardly? Id much prefer to buy the adapter.

Will the adapter work with my iPhone 8 and will it play Apple Music?


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Oct 22, 2017
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New radio unit will likely be the best way to sort this issues
There's no easy way to get apple music or Spotify working in these older cars as they didn't exist at the time blue and me was being developed hell modern smart phones basically didn't exist


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May 19, 2006
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Perhaps I can piggyback with a related question - is it possible to fit the later B&M interface (the one with both the USB port and AUX socket) into an earlier car that only has the USB? Plug and play or will it not work? I'm particularly keen to have an AUX socket, not too bothered about the USB.....

Sorry if well-trodden ground....