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Feb 19, 2024
Hi all,

Newbie Fiat Panda owners here.

We hired a Fiat Panda in Italy and did the Amalfi Coast Drive in it.... since then we were hooked.

We have got the Panda 1.3 Multijet Diesel in Green 4 x 4 (2015) - 49K and absolutely love it!

We have loads of questions on these cars but first thought we should stop by to say hello :)
Welcome to the forum.

They drive so nicely. Everyone says so. Its an honest car, even the posh-est varieties are not posh. We have 3 and love them all. I want my other daughter to have one so we can interchange and increase repair knowledge. Service the brakes once or twice a year to ensure they remain free and working well. Clean and treat the rear spring pans on the axle to keep rust at bay and keep the duckbill drains under the scuttle clean of leaves and stuff, so water doesn't build up, and you will have a fine car. Cheap reliable and economical.

Pandas on the Top!!
Thanks for that, just getting used to the drive, it’s the 1.3 Diesel MJ…. Driving on there Motorway at weekend sounded like I was killing it (70mph) but sounds like that’s “normal” as hear the engine more (from what I have read)

We’re off to France in a couple of weeks time and contemplating taking the panda! Concerned the journey might be a little “too much” for a city car?
If you think the 1.3 diesel sounds" busy" on motorways you should try a 1.2 petrol.
I have tried both and the diesel had much more torque so less gear changing, and to me at least felt geared different- so lower revs and more mph per 1000 rpm- some one who knows will probably clarify that!.