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Panda Hello everyone


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Sep 27, 2023
Hi guys joined as I just got 2011panda with braking issues. There seems to be springs missing from the back shoes I'm hoping someone can send a diagram please and thank you. Paul
We need to know what system is fitted

Bosch or lockheed


This is the lockheed which is fitted to my car
Hello and thanks for the reply and info. Mine looks like Lockheed. I can't see how the adjusters work and how they self adjust. Maybe new adjusters are needed?

Post 33

Testing the bimetallic strip


They do fail, rarely

Bimetallic strip falls off

Dust jams the threads

Ratchet round off

I use to just buy buy a complete assemble for the cheaper Bosch system, a no brainier for the extra £20, there isn't a cheap solution for the lockheed system that I could fine

I just done mine at 110K miles. Two clips had failed, I changed the springs drums and shoes, the adjusters look good for another 110K
There's teeth on the ratchet but it's a bit tight. I can figure out how the adjuster is turned and does the adjuster not be attached to the shoes. My fiat dealer sent this diagram there seeks to be a spring on the hand brake lever shoe it's not on mine.


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I am not sure what you are asking

I have already posted how the springs and adjusters fit


And how to test the ajuster

And how to test the bimetallic strip

The drawing from elearn you were sent shows the Adjuster upside down. Drawing and photo in post two are correct way round to how my was originally,

The Bosch system is completely different
On the diagram from the dealer tgeres a spring on the shoe


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Sorry, can't offer any help, I've taken mine apart a couple of times, but I have the Bosch brakes which are significantly different.

But I would agree with koalar, if the rear brakes aren't working correctly and you have doubts about some components, I would also advise to replace everything.

There are usually good deals on complete kits, whereas the adjusters can be surprisingly expensive to buy separately.
I read that the fiat 500 is same as the panda is this correct? I have got the problem down to the adjuster. Seems that ford ka and other cars use the same shoes and setup. Can anyone confirm?
All built at the same factory in Poland.. But of course there are 'options' 😉

Look on the forums ePER for more info👍
Can you explain the options it's 140 quid with the dealer today for one adjuster for a panda but a pair of 500 adjusters on Amazon is 30. The dealer also had a minimum 3 week wait....
Can you explain the options it's 140 quid with the dealer today for one adjuster for a panda but a pair of 500 adjusters on Amazon is 30. The dealer also had a minimum 3 week wait....
Apples and pears

Original part
China clone
Third party

Are all different price and quality

Cheapest I can see is just under £10 the pair

I would probably spend a little more

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I wouldn't be keen on the dirt cheap stuff but almost €300 for two is a bit much. Thank you for the link I will look it up tonight hopefully I can source ford ones for reasonable price. You guys rock!
Just done all four corners on my car

Pretty sure GSF
Don't have the adjusters
Very expensive on the drums
Very expensive on shoes

On the plus side
Front discs and pads were dirt cheap and I ordered from here