Technical heavy clutch pedal

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Technical heavy clutch pedal


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Feb 5, 2006
My JTD clutch seems to be much heavier than I would expect (certainly after driving a Brava). Anyone any clues? Why is there a large heavy return spring on the pedal inside the car? I wouldn't have thought this necessary on a hydraulic clutch.

Mine was also heavey and was'nt going into reverse when engine was running. I resolved or the problems by simply fitting a new clutch, most likly thats will cure your problem.

P.S its a early sign of worn out clutch.
Mine has always been heavy, my local back street garage said it was because it "was a turbo diesel" - is the torque of these engines the issue? I managed to run into the back of a van (my own stupid fault) recently and had a Ka courtesy car with a clutch that a 2 week old baby could operate. When I got the Multi back, I kangarooed out the garage like a real L plater!
I had a punto courtesty car - I couldn't believe the difference between that and the multipla.

I drove petrol and diesel multis before buying my jtd and the driving experience for both was identical.