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Technical Hardwiring

May 1, 2004
Nr Maidstone, Kent
I want to hard wire my speed camera detector into my car as im fed up with it being plugged into cigarette lighter, can anyone suggest where would be best to connect the wire to so that it comes on and off with the ignition? Is there anyway i can piggy back it off any of the audio leads?
Year ago I would have said to you just take it off a spare conection on the ign switch but that probably dont apply nowadays :( dont worry though the dynamc duo batman Decks and robin Rroope are sure to be around just shine your headlamp skywards to leave a signal and waite for the Deck mobile :p
Looks like Fuse 44 is cigarette lighter feed and so splicing into the downstream of that might be your best bet, as it's designed to carry a load and quite a big one. Anywhere else is being more of a parasite and could affect other systems

It's a 20amp fuse with 70amp upstream supply so find the downstream line as that will have the 20 amp on it. Pull the fuse out and see which side is dead with ignition on. Think about fitting your own in line fuse as 20 amp is pretty big.

Wire colour code is AN
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a little of topic i know, sorri matt! But i wanted to ask what speed camera detector you use - i fort i see tht you also work for a speed camera detector company, so u'll be all clued up on this? I was looking at a road angel - not too keen on the monthly expense though.. but i dont wana spend a few hundred or so on it for it to go out of date soon(ish)? any recommendations or advice please - PM me! So not to spam the thread any more, your help would be mostly appreciated.

Cheers buddy

I was thinking of hardwiring a Sat Nav by piggy backing off the head unit. Is this a bad idea?

I cant use the lighter as the fuse keeps popping and there is no sign of a problem. Short of putting a lump of metal in there to keep the contact I dont know what to do.
Well you've just got to watch what you're doing BBS. Modern cars have such sensitive self diagnosis, mostly sensing changing in resistance and voltages that adding stuff into sytstems that weren't designed for it is always a risk that has to be calculated

Most vehicle fires are add ons that are improperly wired or fused

If a fuse is going on your cigarette lighter then you need to sort it and I would do that first because that's also your best line for somewhere to plug in or add extras. It's designed to run accessories so it's the safest place

Fuses go for a reason and you've already had a potential fire risk on your hands which is why it's blowing. Disconnect the cigar lighter connector and do some checks to find out the cause of your short circuit. It's most likely the cigar lighter itself but it depends if you've already done any mods to it, like piggy backs or add ons

You want everything that can possibly be off to be off when you pull the key out of the ignition. Otherwise, in the event of a short circuit you have an uncontrollable run away. Hard wiring into the radio head unit is a permanently live feed if you've selected radio to be on with ignition off so it's much more risky and the cabling is designed to take the radio and nothing else